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People’s needs have changed!!

I have been in the golf Industry for over 30 years 21+ as an accredited PGA Professional. My skill sets are broad covering all aspects of the industry. Teaching/Coaching has always been a major part of my success and over the years I have  seen major  changes in what golfers want when it comes to information (Lessons/coaching).

Today the internet plays a major role in providing information on the skills required to play the game however, those quick fixes they all promise can become a frustration not to mention contradictory and confusing. The other thing is that they a generic, assuming that every one is the same but we are not the same.

Another big change is the hunger for things to work straight up; everyone is chasing that “quick fix” when I encounter this attitude in a client my response is “I wish I had a magic wand” So bearing that in mind I have molded the benefits of traditional teaching methods with online vision and information with one major difference! The vision (video’s) are of you and the information relates to your individual needs.

So to take care for the need for speed I am offering half day intensive one on one success programs. The concept being that we cover all aspects required to put a good score on your card. The half day program cumulates with an on course segment that gives you a structured approach to take the skills learn’t into the game environment.
Program break down:

• Full swing
• Chipping/pitching
• Bunker play
• Putting

Each component will be video graphed and stored on your private web page so you have an ongoing reference of what you need to focus on. Another benefit is that, as your skill sets change you have a visual history of your development to reference from.
The program costs $750.00 (allow 5 hours ) part of which goes as a fee for the venue hire and included in the fee are other ancillary costs (green fees, cart hire range balls, light F&B etc.) Also included is a 12 month membership ($99.00) to this web site.

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We are all unique and teaching the same golf swing to everyone is not practical. That’s why the core of my teaching revolves around what I term as being ” the three critical positions” these three critical positions are common to all the pro’s irrespective of their Coaches and their coaching methods (the 3rd position being the most important for attaining consistency). Once you have established the basics of grip, aim, posture I can then show you how to achieve these three critical positions you will create your own consistent Golf swing and that’s why this formula works for anyone.

Contact: Mob 0418913849 get started today

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"what you feel isn't real & seeing is believing"