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The Golf Guy Perth- Golf lessons Perth Lesson pricing

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“The Golf Guy”   Golf Lessons Perth Lesson pricing:

Basic Analysis & Lesson: $79.00  ( 30 Min)

This is entry level for those who what a basic overview of where they are at. It gives you an in site to what is required to get to where you want to be with your game. From here you can make an educated choice on further skill development.

The Check Up: $129.00 (60+ Min)

The Check Up provides you with a comprehensive swing analysis  along with a check of your equipment to make sure you have the correct fit of Club eg: Lie angle, length, shaft type and shaft flex. Many Golfers play with incorrectly fitted equipment which leads to an unbalanced swing motion resulting in inconsistency.

The Consultation: $219.00 (90 Min over two sessions)

The Consultation is designed with the Country Golfer in mind and is split over two sessions it includes all of what is done in the check up plus the complete swing analysis is emailed to the client for an ongoing reference. (Includes follow up 30 min session)

Nb: With the check up, the consultation the analysis is emailed to the student. Analysis done after the session at no additional cost.

Golf guy golf lessons Perth

Golf lessons Perth Lesson pricing