Development Packages

WARNING: Development packages:


 If you are not committed to making time available to practice the drills you are assigned please do not even consider any of these development packages. Simply put you will be wasting both my time and yours (: Included in all packages is the Video analysis of the individual  as required. The analysis is done outside the package session time and is archived on their personal Members page.

Henry Stevens PGA "the golf guy"

Packages  come with a Golf Guy 12 month membership included (value $99.00) packages have a set expiration period which varies dependent on package choice.

Sessions are of 40 Min duration.Packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements descriptions on each package are guidelines.

6 Sessions $550.00:  This package is a price point entry level and covers the basic fundamentals for full-swing and short game.Video emailed after each session

10 Sessions $880.00: This package is designed for the intermediate player who knows they want golf to be their game. This product is built around developing strengths and improving on weakness’s

15 Sessions $1299.00: This package is two fold:
(a) For the person that wants to start from scratch and learn and develop all the skills required to play the game.
(b) for the intermediate player focusing on developing strengths and improving weaknesses, course management and the scoring end of the game most of which is done on course (ancillary charges apply).

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